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I have been working at a company for over ten years now, and they decided to fire me without an apparent reason. I guess I’ve been fired because there are a lot more people who are better than my job than me but it’s still hurt a lot. I’m under the impression that my loyalty to this company will value me in their eyes but I was utterly wrong. The moment I started trusting them they throw me away just like garbage.


They did not even appreciate how long am I in the company been working. That news broke me, my job is the only income I have, and I don’t have a backup plan to sustain myself and my family. My wife is getting worried for us because my money is slowly getting smaller and I can’t find another job at all. The pressure is too much for me. If I’ve been a lot smarter and got ready for times like this, I would never feel this bad. The disappointment in my wife’s eyes is such a painful thing to witness.


Even though I tried my best to look for any other job that can provide us with money, it’s still was not enough for her. In the end, she left me and took our child with her because I can’t provide for her anymore. She told me that it’s a better option for her to look for another guy who can be responsible for her and my kids unlike me who she likes to call a bum. She made me feel terrible about myself for being fired from work. Maybe what she is saying to me was right, but I still did not anticipate her to leave me because I did not have any money anymore. It’s already been a few months since my wife went me and I still don’t have a job.


I’ve been depressed and sad all this day. I feel like I have no reason to wake up in the morning anymore. Thankfully there were still people who were concerned about me and help me get back. Slowly but surely I recovered from all of the negative things that happened in my life. Next time I will find a girl that would stick to my side even if all the things is going wrong. I never want to put myself in a situation as I had in the past with my ex-wife. But for now, I think I will book Bracknell escorts. Bracknell escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/bracknell-escorts provide me with a loving and caring environment which I need very much. Bracknell escorts also are always reliable in my opinion.

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